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Jay Thompson Consulting

Simplifying HR

Jay Thompson Consulting (JTC) provides small to medium-sized businesses with a wide range of HR expertise – from custom short term projects to full HR support.  We focus on your unique people and administrative issues enabling you to focus on your core business.

Most businesses want to treat their employees well.  They want their staff to be connected to the business.  They want to attract the best people and retain their best employees.  They want to be compliant with Federal, State, and local regulations.  They also want to minimize employee costs, problems, and confrontations.

But how do you do all that, especially while doing your “regular” job?  Your HR suppliers will give you input and advice but are normally concerned only about their particular niche, not the business as a whole.  For example, specialists servicing healthcare benefits don’t have a feel for your operation.  Legal advice is expensive and impractical for most situations. Your CPA and payroll suppliers tend to focus on their specific function without understanding your employee concerns.

Many of the HR issues you face are mandated by government regulations.  Most people issues don’t have “one right answer”, are time-consuming and often difficult to resolve.  Solutions and alternatives are few are far between.

Jay Thompson Consulting can help!  We work with small to medium sized business to give you the guidance you need to handle the people issues and HR problems.  From managing all your HR needs to working on individual projects, handling staffing needs, developing or reviewing policies and procedures, or assessing your current situation, we will provide HR services that are in the best interest of YOUR business.

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